The Pizza You Can Indulge In, Guilt Free!

Detroit has been named one of the best places for pizza in the country more than once. Yes, we love our pizza, but overindulging can bring on a lot of remorse. However, Fitness Expert Jody Trierweiler brought in a variety of pizzas we can devour, without the guilt.

Trierweiler is a big advocate for trying new things, and pizza is no exception. There are some really cool new alternative pizza crusts out there to try, and Trierweiler brought in a few to show us. 

The first pizza Trierweiler had us try was the carrot, buckwheat, and flax crust pizza. The pizza came from a restaurant called "Try It Raw," which makes everything raw and organic. If you're feeling like you want to cleanse and eat healthy, this pizza is for you.

She also showed us a few cauliflower crust pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen. The crust is made from cauliflower, mozzarella, and egg whites. Cauliflower has 77% of your daily Vitamin C in one cup. 

If you're not feeling like going out, Trierweiler brought in a few frozen cauliflower pizza options from Trader Joes. 

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