This Hamtramck restaurant is serving up California-style burgers, are you in?

If you are a fan of In-N-Out you need to try this place!

For many, spring break is coming up and many are going to escape the cold Michigan weather for some place warm. If you are staying in town, however, we have a solution, it's a taste of sunny California right here in the D... or to be more specific, Hamtramck. 

With a bright yellow sign, 50s music playing, and the smell of burgers wafting through the air is Hamtramck's newest burger join, California Burgerz. Owner Hani  Omasan has a love of burgers, specifically California's In-N-Out's burgers. 

"I really go to California a lot," says Hani. "As soon as I get in California, believe it or not, the first thing I do is go visit In-N-Out."

He wanted to bring their delicious burgers to his home in Hamtramck, so he opened California Burgerz in late 2017. 

"It's a beautiful city... but we are missing American food, you know the burger" says Hani.

The decor is a bit retro and has some California vibes, with a beautiful mural of  California landmarks across one wall. 

In terms of food they serve burgers and fries with their own special CB sauce that goes on every sandwich.

"Their secret in their burgers, how they taste very good, it's their sauce," explains Hani, talking about In-N-Out's famous spread. "So I used to take those packages and I would keep tasting them and I tried to mimic them, and I think I got close."

Also in In-N-Out fashion, you can get menu items done gorilla style (similar to In-N-Out's animal style), with caramelized onions and burgers cooked in a mustard sauce which Hani says makes them more juicy.

If you would like to try out California Burgerz they are located at 12045 Conant St. in Hamtramck. For more information, please visit their website here



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