Are pranks funny or mean?

Today on Live in the D we talked all about pranks! We hope you didn't fall victim to any on April Fool's Day. Technology Strategist and Founder of Sisters Code Marlin Williams, Lauren Crocker from the Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, and Co-Founder of Slow Roll Detroit Jason Hall all joined us in the studio today to give us their take on pranks.

The group chatted with Tati and Jason about whether pranks are funny or mean, how far is too far for a prank, and how social media has played a part in pranks.

When asked whether pranks are light-hearted or mean, Crocker was quick to shout out mean. She says she doesn't like them, doesn't do them, and wants no part in them.

Hall said that sometimes pranks can go too far, adding that if he were ever pranked on winning the lottery that would be too real for him. 

Williams seemed to be the prankster of the group, saying pranks are hilarious and she recently pulled one on her daughter.