A healthier diet for your pets


We humans jump on all kinds of diet trends and fads from Vegan to Gluten-free, and one of the more popular diet fads right now is the raw diet. Eating raw is actually a great diet for our pets also! Our friend Mike Palmer from Premier Pet Supply was back in the studio with us today, along with Jeff Nagarah from the Rochester Hills location. 

Palmer says that ancestrally, animals have always eaten raw. They instinctively eat organ meat which has the most nutrients, and then the muscle meat for calcium.

When buying raw for your animals, it is very important to get into a balanced diet. Just giving them raw meat is not ideal because that is not enough vitamins and minerals to sustain them. 

Palmer says the best way to start your animal on a raw diet is to give a little as a treat. After that, you can start to give them raw mixed in, or on top of their regular food. 

When it comes to veggies, Nagarah says they are not necessary to feed your pets. However, dogs can eat them for help with digestion. Cats are carnivorous animals and don't need vegetables at all.

There are four Premier Pet Supply locations: Beverly Hills, Rochester Hills, Novi, and Livonia.

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