Hot trends for National Gardening Day!

It's been a long winter, but it is finally starting to feel like spring and a lot of folks are eager to start gardening. This is the perfect weekend to start making plans because Saturday is National Gardening Day. Kristian Briggs from Farmer John's Home and Garden Center joined us in studio with a big spread of low maintenance plants. 

Kristian says gardening indoors is a good way to get started. He brought in a lot of fool-proof plants that even Tati could take care of. He brought in some smaller plants called "Succulents" that are small and easy to take care of. If you are not a gardener and you can't keep plants alive they have great options for you. 

Everything Kristian showed us and a huge greenhouse are all in at Farmer John's Home and Garden Center in Farmington Hills. They are at on Haggerty Road just south of 12 Mile right down the street from 12 Oaks Mall. You can visit their website at FarmerJohnsGreenhouse.com for more information!