The Catfe Lounge is the Place to be Right 'Meow'

The coffee shop is where you can find a book and maybe a new pet in one place.


                Since 2015, the Catfe Lounge has been the place cat lovers go to find a furry feline to hang out with. Some say it truly is the cat's meow. 

               People from all over the Michigan, even other states have chilled at the Catfe Lounge. It's been a part of the Ferndale community ever since Executive Director, Deanne Iovan, opened the non-profit as an extension of the city's cat shelter.

              "I had approached the board about opening this space where we could basically connect the community to the cats and a place for volunteer, you know just sort of a hub for us," says Iovan.

               Once you pass through the double doors, you can find an adoptable cat in every nook and cranny and behind every corner. It's the purr-fect place where you can grab a cup of coffee or tea, find a good book to read and cuddle up to a kitty.

              “People can sit on their laptop, drink coffee all day if they like,” Iovan says.  “If you're interested in adopting, it’s a really good environment to meet the cats. So you see how they do in social settings, you see them in a more relaxed environment than in a cage"

               If coffee isn't your scene, stop by for a fur filled workout, they offer a ‘Purr-lates’ class or Pilates with cats every Saturday. And will have cat-filled yoga classes beginning in May.

               Even if you're not in the market for a new fur child, it's a fun place for all ages to come and spend time with a few new buddies. You and the cats could end up having time of your nine lives.

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