How you can have a fun summer party, rain or shine!


Michigan weather is unpredictable so planning an outdoor party when the weather gets warmer can be a gamble. However, our friends at Marygrove Awning have got you covered, literally. We welcomed back president of the company Mike Falahee in the studio today to show us a great fix to having a party with Michigan weather. 

Falahee brought in a louvered roof setup to show us that it is great for any type of weather. The roof has the ability to open and close with the push of a button. If you are enjoying the sunshine then you can keep your roof open and relax. But, if you're looking for some shade or the clouds are getting gray, simply close the louvers down and you're sitting underneath a completely covered roof. 

"The louvered roof was designed to be like a three season roof," says Falahee. Not only does the roof open and close, but there are curtains you can put down on all sides to have your own enclosure. 

When it comes to installation, everything is custom. Marygrove will come out to your home to take measurements, then manufacture the product, and finally install it in your home. 

Marygrove Awning is also famous for their retractable awnings. The retractable awnings give you total advantage over control of the sun. 

If you buy this new system from Marygrove you can use it all season and you don't have to pay for it until 2019 with Marygrove's special financing. 

For more information and to schedule your appointment visit their website http://Marygrove.com