Protect your pets from those pesky pests


The warmer weather is finally here, and that means more bugs or parasites will be out to target our pets. But, our friend Mike Palmer from Premier Pet Supply has ways you can protect your pets. Palmer joined us in studio and brought along Brandon Thorne from the Premier Pet Supply location in Novi.

Palmer says fleas and ticks are a big issue for dogs and cats, and Spring is the time of year that they are the worst.

Thorne went over some conventional preventions that Premier Pet carries such as pesticide-base Frontline and Advantix. Not only do you want to kill the adult fleas and eggs on the pets skin, but you also want to treat your yard and home to prevent them from being in the area. For that, Thorne showed us a few prevention sprays they carry. 

 Although conventional preventions work and are effective, Palmer says that a lot of people are looking for a more natural option. Premier Pet Supply has that holistic option for pet owners. Palmer showed us a few natural remedies such as Urth Flea powders and Wondercide which uses natural oils to prevent and kill fleas. 

There are four Premier Pet Supply locations: Beverly Hills, Rochester Hills, Novi, and Livonia. 

To find the location nearest you, learn more about what they offer and see their specials this month, visit their website http://Premierpetsupply.com