Take the Fresh Wagon to Eastern Market


The sun is out, spring is in the air and this will be a great weekend to head over to Eastern Market and pick up all kinds of good stuff. If you don't have a way there, you may be able to take the Fresh Wagon to market. Nicole Simmons, marketing director with our friends at the Detroit Department of Transportation joined us to talk about a way you can get a lift. 

The Fresh Wagon looks like an ordinary D-DOT bus but there is something special about it. It is giving rides to people in need to Eastern Market to do some shopping. The Fresh Wagon takes Detroiters to Eastern Market every Saturday. You can shop for 2 hours of 4 hours and get a ride right back to your neighborhood. You will receive a free tote for your groceries if you ride the Fresh Wagon. The Fresh Wagon has 3 routes. There is a Northwest, Southwest, and North east route with multiple stops along the way. Eastern Market has a wide selection of fresh food for you to buy and there are a lot of fun things to do around the market as well. The bus is $1.50 each way so it's much cheaper than parking or driving.

If you want more information about the Fresh Wagon you can visit their website at RideDetroitTransit.com