Together they lost more than 250 lbs


It's well known that sisters often have a very special bond and we have three sisters with us whose bond helped them to get on the path to a better life. Delores Paquin, Darlene Drouillard and Darla MacMaster together have lost over 250-pounds, with the help of our friends at Weight Watchers. 

We showed the sisters before at after photos of their weight loss journey. They talked about how Weight Watchers has helped them reformed their lives and that they have met so many friends and learned so much in the process. They also mentioned how important it is to have the support to keep them going on this weight loss journey. When it comes to meetings they said that the hardest part is the beginning, but once you get through the door it becomes easier. 

The one thing they said to those who are struggling to lose weight is that it's never too late to begin. Just start your journey! It's not about how long it takes to get there and you begin to feel better once you start doing activities you have never done before. Your confidence will grow. 

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