Make Your Own Derby Hat in the D

Local hat maker teaches us how to make a great derby hat at a low price.



There are so many things to love about the Kentucky Derby., the beautiful horses, the mint juleps, the thrill of gambling and more mint juleps.

But the real race is figuring out who has the most elegant or most outrageous derby hat.

Like a ticket to get inside the historic Churchill Downs, buying a fabulous derby hat can cost a pretty penny. "If you're in places like Louisville, you're spending hundreds of dollars," says Rachelle Willnus.

Willnus, owner and designer of Derby Hats by Rachelle, says a person can make a phenomenal hat without breaking the piggy or horsey bank. "You can do a whole hat like that with ribbon, flowers, feathers for under 40 dollars," Willnus says.

Since 2009, Rachelle has made hundreds of colorful hats and fascinators for people all over the nation.

First, you start with a basic straw wide brim hat, Willnus says hats like these at Target our Kohl's relatively inexpensive for $12 to $20.

Next is the adding your own flair to the hat with ribbons and crinoline, then add some flowers or feathers.

With a little help from a needle and thread and a splash of creativity a cool derby hat is made at a fraction of a price and then you’re derby ready!

For more information about Rachelle’s hats, click on this website

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