Looking for a gift for mom? Check out this unique jewelry!


Looking for a unique gift for Mother's Day? This mother daughter duo might have just the thing for you. Phyllis Mitchell and Christine Eades joined us in the studio today to talk about their business, Mahogani Collections. 

Eades got the inspiration to open a jewelry business by watching awards shows like The Oscars. She began to create award show inspired jewelry, and asked for the help of her mother to sell it. The duo combines both of their styles to create the jewelry using various beads, stones, and materials such as denim and fur. 

Eades and Mitchell brought in a few pieces from Mahogani Collections to show us such as Swarovski crystal necklaces and earrings, mother of pearl earrings, and seashell necklaces. 

To find out how to purchase a piece of jewelry from Mahogani Collections, please visit their website.