How you can make a dramatic change in your home this Spring


Want to make a dramatic change to your home? Change out the flooring! There are new trends and styles to fit every lifestyle. Today we welcomed back Cathy Buchanan, our friend and Co-Owner of Independent Carpet One.

Spring is a good time to update our floors because it's a great time to do some spring cleaning and freshen up everything that's been looking dull. When deciding on carpet or hardwood, Buchanan says it all depends on the type of room. If you are redoing your kitchen or bathroom, you probably would not want to go with carpet. 

Buchanan also went over how to pick the right kind of carpet for your home, and what flooring she would recommend for pet owners. She brought in so many examples of the latest styles and trends to show us. 

The month of May is National Karastan Month, and to celebrate Independent Carpet One is having some awesome sales. You can purchase carpet and get a $1,000 rebate, save money on wool and cashmere products, and find a coupon on their website. 

For more on all that Independent Carpet One offers, including store location, hours, and their huge selection, visit their website http://independentcarpetone.com