What these mentalists can do will blow your mind!


They were the first runner-up on America's Got Talent season 11, they have also performed in Las Vegas, and were the World Champions of Mentalism at the Championships of Magic in 2015. Thommy Ten and Amelie Van Tass, also known as " The Clairvoyants," joined us in the studio today to show us some of their mind tricks.

The Clairvoyants are performing at the Sound Board at Motor City Casino, Thursday evening, May 3. The show is an interactive show, with everyone in the audience participating. Ten says that "it's not only a show, it's an experience." They even pull audience members on stage and put them to the test. 

Ten and Tass also showed us a few of the mind blowing tricks that they will be doing at the show. 

See what The Clairvoyants can do Thursday, May 3 at 8 pm at the Motor City Casino.