Tacos and pizzas? This Royal Oak restaurant has this and more!

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Here at Iron Horse Mexican street food dominates the menu, from their assortment of tacos to their cheese covered wet burrito, but they actually started off with pizza. 

"We opened in 2014 in December," says Iron Horse General Manager Nick Hamilton. "Mainly, we were supposed to be a street pizza place. You know it was a pizza place for years, and later it became more of a Mexican themed restaurant. We still do pizzas, we still do burgers and whatever, but we are mainly street style Mexican food."

The pizza ovens weren't the only thing they kept from the old building, the floors and brick walls are the 1920s originals. The restaurant has a cozy and intimate atmosphere with no televisions and soft lighting. There is also a lot of iron work around the restaurant, which pays homage to their name, but the name itself actually pays homage to something else.

"There's a train that runs through downtown Royal Oak," explains Nick. "So we wanted to kind of take that and incorporate that with the name of the bar...The name comes from back in the settler days when they would come here and see  locomotives running through the city, and they would just call them iron horses." 

They make and prep many of their items in house, including all of their salsas,  and they add their own twist to classic dishes. For example, they added a layer of melted cheese between the two corn tortillas of their tacos. They also add guacamole to the classic Mexican corn salad dish, esquites, making into more of chip dip which is very popular. Their bar program is also very popular and features a lot of cocktails using their house infused alcohol.

If you would like to try Iron Horse, they are located at 316 W 4th street in Royal Oak. For more information, please visit their website here

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