This Detroit organization is helping kids thrive


It's no secret that Detroit has faced a problem of abandon homes in neighborhoods, and now one organization is doing something about it. Brilliant Detroit is taking these homes and turning them into places for kids to thrive. Mitch Albom introduced us to Safiya Jackson and Cindy Eggleton. 

Houses with bright orange doors are popping up all around the city. This isn't a new fad, but rather a sign that Brilliant Detroit has moved in. Brilliant Detroit is an organization that is dedicated to kids' success in neighborhoods. They use underused housing stock and in those homes they serve as a "hub" where they provide programming so that kids are ready for school and families are healthy and stable. Each house hosts free activities and workshops that focus on learning, health, and family support.

The organization serves over 2,000 individuals, and has grown to four locations including Cody Rouge where Jackson began. Jackson says it was full of activities for both herself and her children, and it was a place where she felt at home. Brilliant Detroit had such an impact on Jackson and her family that she became a volunteer for the organization.

Eggleton says Brilliant Detroit plans to grow into eight new locations by the end of the year, with hopes that every kid in the neighborhoods are ready for school and thriving.