Do you think promposals are too much?

It's prom season and for kids these days, there's so much more to prom than there used to be. Promposals, breathalyzers at the door, and that's before you even get into the dance. The host of The Blaine Fowler in the Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, Blaine Fowler, local author and motivational speaker Mimi Brown, and the Co-founder of Slow Roll Detroit Jason Hall all joined us in the studio today to give us their take on the prom changes. 

The group touched on promposals, alcohol at parties, dresses, and costs for prom. 

Fowler thinks that promposals are ridiculous, and set the bar too high. Brown says that promposals don't leave you anything to look forward to when it comes to future marriage proposals. 

When it comes to breathalyzer tests at the door, Hall thinks that only kids suspected of being under the influence should have to take one. 

Dress code at prom has been an issue in recent years. Brown says that she agrees that the dresses have gotten out of control, and she is on board for modesty changes.