Don't let your dog take the lead on the leash


We are all for pets here at Live In The D and so are our friends at Premier Pet Supply Stores. Today we welcomed back Owner Mike Palmer and Steve Shamou from the Premier Pet Supply Store in Livonia. 

More people are out walking their dogs these days with the nice weather, but sometimes it looks like the dogs are walking the owners. Palmer and Shamou showed us some ways to help train them.

A lot of us want to throw a leash on our dogs and walk right out the door, but Shamou says that can present multiple issues such as the dog slipping out of the collar, collapsing the esophagus, and causing strain to the dog. To prevent these issues, Palmer and Shamou showed us a few tips like a walking harness, correction collars, pinch collars, and calming chews. 

There are four Premier Pet Supply locations: Beverly Hills, Rochester Hills, Novi, and Livonia. 

To find the location nearest you, learn more about what they offer, and see their specials this month, visit their website http://premierpetsupply.com