Beautiful baskets for a cure

To celebrate spring time we welcomed Rick Vespa and our friends at English Gardens. Rick brought some beautiful hanging flower baskets as ideas to give mom for Mother's Day.  The baskets are full of color and some are multi-flower baskets so you can mix things up. 

These beautiful baskets come with a cure! Right now English Gardens is donating a portion of their proceeds to Karmanos Cancer Institute. It is their 4th year doing this for the institute. They also have buy one basket and get one for 50% off right now. 

Some may think that hanging basket are limited. The good things is they aren't! You don't have to hang them if you don't want to. You can re-pot the baskets or plant them in the ground. Most of the baskets that Rick brought for display are considered annual, so they will blossom each year. 

To find the nearest English Gardens near you check out their website at http://englishgardens.com