Two new movies all about Moms

Two new movies, and they are all about Moms, are being released for Mother's Day this weekend. Greg Russell joined us to tell us all about them. 

The comedy starring Melissa McCarty in Life of The Party is sure to give you some good laughs. It is about a lady who is faced with an unexpected surprise in her life. Her world turns upside down when she and her husband drop their daughter off at college, then her husband tells her he wants a divorce. So what does she do? She decides to go back to college with her daughter. 

Breaking In starring Gabrielle Union is a thrilling movie that really showcases how far a mother will go to protect her children. The movie center's around Union's character "Shaun" who is visiting her late father's house in Malibu. Things take a turn for the worse when burglars break into the home and lock "Shaun" out. Then it's up to "Shaun" to break-in and save her children.

Both movies are in theaters this weekend. 

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