Adult children with a curfew?


Fresh off Mother’s Day we are talking about kids and their parents. Specifically adult kids coming back home to live with their parents.  Today Kim Trent,  a writer and regent with Wayne State University, Blain Fowler, the host of the Blain Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, and Marlin Page a technology strategist and founder of Sisters Code, joined us in studio.


When adult children come home to live with their parent, during or after college, do the rules change? Do the adult children have to follow rules set by parents or can they do their or thing?


Blain feels that as long as they are respectful, keep the communication open, then things will be alright. Marlin feels if they are doing great in college there is no reason to pay rent. When it comes to having a significant other over, Kim says it depends on the nature of the relationship. A 35 year old adult coming to stay for a short summer break should be able to have company stay as well.


All agreed that there isn’t a need for strict rules as long as the parents know where the children are going and that they communicate what it is they are doing.