Where you can go to treasure hunt books in the D

When is the last time you explored a bookstore? You might be thinking about the large chain stores that used to be found all over the country until Amazon. Well, you might want to check out a bookstore in the D that’s unlike any other. The bookstore is one of the biggest in the country, the largest in Michigan and sells very rare and used books. Ranked 2nd for the Best Bookstore in the world by CNN.

With approximately 1 million books John King Bookstore is a Gem! The knowledge, power packed bookstore is so large it has 900 categories so there is a book selection for everyone. Michigan History is the most viewed section in the store. People love to know the History of the state, specifically the history of Detroit.  The history of how Detroit ended up where it did and they are interested participating in the comeback.

They even have a rare book section that is by appointment only, that have some hidden treasures you definitely want to see! Some of the rare books they have include one of the first books printed in Detroit, a French Prayer book from 1811, as well as Presidential books signed.