Here's how to get that Meghan Markle sparkle


Have you heard? There is a royal wedding this weekend! There is a lot of excitement surrounding the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Bringing a new member into the royal family is always closely watched, right down to their personal style. Local 4 style editor Jon Jordan joined us on the show with some ideas of what you may see and how you can get that “Markle Sparkle.”

Jon identified four different trends that Meghan has really nailed. He explained that her style is extremely relatable, in fact, everything he showcased came from Macy's.

The first model showcased an asymmetric dress. Any figure can take advantage of this trend because the cut of the garment is not even on both side which creates a focal point.

Next, he showed us how any figure can wear over-sized garments and double pattern styles. Also, topping off a dressy mid length dress with a biker jacket can give you two differently looks to help you mix things up.

Finally, a trend called slacking. Its the new high-waisted, full legged pant. All of these trends can be wore by anyone!