Marlon Jackson of the Jackson 5 shares memories from Motown

It was 1968 when a group from Indiana signed with Motown records here in Detroit. Little did we all know the Legends would turn into the Jackson 5!

On Thursday May 17th Marlon and Jackie Jackson returned to Detroit as the city announced it will re-name part of Randolph Street to honor the Motown group.  A ceremony will be held on June 15th as a part of the Detroit Music Weekend Festival which will be headlined by the surviving Jacksons including our guest on the show Friday. Marlon Jackson joined us in the studio. 


Marlon Jackson expressed he gratitude and how honored he felt to have a street named after the family and how accomplished this makes him feel. He went on to say "We appreciate that they appreciate our music and what we have done." 


We asked Marlon if he remembers the big audition with Motown Records and what it was like. He said at the audition there were other big names that we all love, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder to name a few. At the time, Marlon was young so he wasn't too nervous, to him it was more about having fun! 


The musical genre country influenced the Jackson 5 when they first were getting started, as their mother loved country music. They then went on to listen to Motown music along with others, to come up with their own sound. 


 Detroit Music Weekend June 14th-16th at the Musical Festival at the Music Hall. Come out and see Jackie, Tito and Jermaine Jackson! The concert is on Saturday June, 16th and it is free!