Pac-Man and pizza power the fun at this Detroit bar!


Are you a fan of Frogger? Do you dig Dig Dug? Pop +  Offworld has all your favorite classic arcade games and some killer pizza to go with it. They are located just above another classic, the Checker Bar in Detroit. 

"I came in and kept it the checker bar. Here on the second floor we basically just used it as a rental spot, it never really had an identity," explains David Gregory, one of the managing partners of checker Bar and Pop +Offworld. "I had met Don Behm who owned Offworld Arcade which was a traveling pop up arcade and we started doing a monthly arcade at Checker, which were wildly successful. It got to the point where we were like 'Hey, I think we can do this all the time.'"   

So they created Pop + Offworld in their upstairs space and host about 30 games from the Offworld Arcade. Every game is an original with the original parts, as such they are rotated in and out for maintenance on a regular basis. So if you don't see your favorite one week, you may see it the next.

And what goes better with games than pizza!?! They serve up a variety of pizzas and have some very unique ones like their vegan taco pizza called the Gringo, or their meat laden Pig Destroyer pizza.

"We definitely got creative. We have lots of vegan options actually on our pizzas. You can get it loaded with meat or you can get it as healthy as a pizza can be, " says David. 

If you would like to try Pop +Offworld they are located at 128 Cadillac Square in Detroit. For more information visit their website here.

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