Discover pop-ups at Eastern Market

Three savory crepes to go s'il vous plaît!

Eastern Market is more that just a market, it's an entire district with all kinds of stores and restaurants, many of which get their start as Market pop-ups.

The French Cow Crepe Shop is one such pop-up. Owner Marie Bennett grew up making crepes with her family and wanted to share her love of crepes with the people of Detroit.

She makes both sweet and savory crepes in the traditional French way. That means her savory crepes are made with a buckwheat batter, which is naturally gluten free. A classic savory crepe she makes has an egg, which she scrambles by hand, on top of it, with Swiss cheese, ham and caramelized onions. 

If you would like to check out The French Cow Crepe Shop visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information on all the shops at Eastern Market visit the website here

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