"Motown the Musical" back in Motown

The music that started here in Detroit is being celebrated on stage once again as "Motown the Musical" makes its return to Detroit!

Three actors who are part of the show joined us in the studio Tuesday. Arielle Crosby, who plays Esther Grody, Martha Reeves, and Lula Mae Hardaway, Matt Manuel who plays Marvin Gaye and Ayla Stackhouse who plays Edna Anderson, Anna Gordy and Gladys Horton all shared their experiences with being part of the Musical. 

We asked the young actors why they like the show and what the audience can expect or get from being at the show. They all agreed Motown music is timeless and relatable to people of all walks of life and all ages. "I lived this, Crosby said. "they told stories in their songs,"  Manuel said "it is still a message that's relevant today." Steakhouse agrees with Crosby, even if you are in the audience or you are in the show, the energy of the show is very engaging.

They played a fun "name that tune" game with us and Jason Carr showed he really knows his Motown history. Check it out!

'Motown The Musical' runs at the Fisher Theater Tuesday June 5th  through Sunday June 10th, tickets are still available!