"Blindspotting" stars visit the D

He is a Tony Award winner from the world renowned musical "Hamilton," he also starred in movies like "Wonder" and "Ferdinand." Now Daveed Diggs and his friend Rafael Casal are taking on different roles. They joined us in our studio to talk with us more about the exciting film they have worked on for years.

The film takes place in Oakland, California, the hometown of Diggs and Casel. The film showcases the merge race and class set against gentrifying Oakland. Diggs plays a character named Collins in the film and Casal played his best friend Miles. The film is about Collins last four days of probation. Collins and Miles  friendship faces some conflict after Collins witnesses a police killing of an unarmed black man. The movies shows what unfolds over the next four days while Collins waits for his probation to end. The four days consist of constant battles Collin faces while trying to stay off the radar and not violate probation.

Diggs and Casal have worked on  the movie for about 10 years together. Both said they thought the movie would happen, and then it did! Diggs said the movie is relevant to today with police killings happening frequently. 

The movie also has a sense of humor to it. The humor is to mix up the emotions of the viewers by incorporating laughter and saddness to make the movie more relatable. 

"Blindspotting" makes its premiere tonight Friday, June 8th at the College for Creative Studies Walter B Ford Building. This is all part of the Cinetopia Film Festival. The movie opens nationwide Friday, July 27th.