How you can get a brighter smile in one week

Brighten your smile in minutes!

It's the season for fun in the sun and looking great at the beach. Most people start thinking it's time to slim down, but those extra pounds you may have put on over the winter aren't the first thing people notice it's your smile. Lifestyle expert Tia Leslie joined us in the studio on behalf of our friends at Power Swabs. 

Leslie says that Power Swabs get rid of stains that are left on your teeth from foods and drinks. Power Swabs are a revolutionary product clinically shown to whiten your teeth an average of two shades brighter in just five minutes and six shades brighter in seven days. It should last about six months. She also mentioned that the swabs have zero-to-minimal teeth sensitivity and it will help restore caps, crowns, and veneers to their natural color.

This is how it works: it's a two-swab system. Take the first swab, called the stain-out, and swab it on your teeth. It should take the stain off your teeth and also helps with tooth sensitivity. The second swab is the whitener and it only takes five minutes to use. 

If you would like to try Power Swabs yourself, they have a special offer for Live in the D viewers. When you order all you have to do is mention the segment and you get 40 percent off the regular retail price with free shipping. To order go to their website http://www.getpowerswabs.com or call (800) 204-1094.