How you can stay hydrated all summer long


We are enjoying summer weather, the sunshine and the warmer temperatures are nice, but can cause dehydration, especially as people age. Our friends at First and Main Senior Living Community of Auburn Hills and Deborah Skotak and Matt Whetstone. 

Dehydration is a concern for everyone, but dehydration changes as the years go on. With aging comes change: change in medications, in metabolism, and our diets which is why it is important to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is more than just drinking water, the foods you eat help as well. Stotak said some vegetables contain more water than some fruits. A few of the examples of water rich foods are tomatoes, cucumber, celery, peppers, watermelon, peaces, and cantaloupe. Other ways to stay hydrated is fruit and vegetable infused water. This makes it very appealing and adds a simple and all natural flavor to the water. 

First and Main is a new assisted care living community in Auburn Hills specializing in memory care. The setting of First and Main is designed to help the residence maintain his or her independence. There are also a lot of fun amenities at First and Main are are all designed on the residents desires. The different activities are tailored for physical, spiritual, emotional and social interaction. There are movies playing at First in Main's personal movie theater daily.

First and Main doors are always open, but they are having a big grand opening Wednesday, June 27th from 4 to 7pm. Email Michael.vallee@firstandmian.us 

There are a few locations throughout Metro-Detroit. To find a location near you at http://firstandmain.us/