Enjoy music right on your front porch

The Front Porch in Ferndale


Music Monday is all about a unique event that's taking place on front porches in Ferndale. It's called the Front Porch Music Festival and it will happen Saturday, June 23 from noon to 6 p.m. when there will be dozens of artists performing across the city.

Cindee Lish joined us in the studio to tell us about the unique music festival. Lish says that the Front Porch Music Festival is about bringing communities together, and that it's a nationwide grassroots family-friendly event. The locations are picked based on the submissions of people in the neighborhood who want to be hosts for the bands. 

There are 58 bands that play throughout the day on 27 porches. Lish is a part of a modern Motown-inspired girl group called The Lafayettes, which includes Bridgett Grace and Stacey Peckens on the vocals, and the band The Bus Stop Poets.