The National Cherry Festival starts June 30

You're going to want to take a road trip to this festival

It's a Michigan summer tradition and now's the time to make plans to be part of it. We are talking about the National Cherry Festival and the Cherry Queen herself, Ashley Schichtel, joined us in the studio to tell us all about the details. The festival will be in Traverse City, Michigan, right on the bay, and will include all kinds of events around the city and downtown.

Schichtel also brought in a few items including cherry pie, chocolate-covered cherries, jam and salsa, cherry juice and wine to showcase some of the things you might see at the festival.  

The National Cherry Festival starts June 30 and goes until July 7. You can expect to see air shows with the Blue Angels, pie-eating contests, pit spitting, parades and concerts. There will be over 150 events and 90% of them will be free. This festival is fun for people of all ages.