96.3's Blaine Fowler joins Live in the D to talk BBQ etiquette

Jason Hall and Vanessa Cohen also opine on cookout manners

DETROIT – Over the next couple of weeks people will be gathering for barbecues with friends and family, and that can lead into some interesting situations.

Monday on What's the Buzz, we talked about barbecue etiquette. Blaine Fowler, the host of the Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 FM-WDVD; Vanessa Cohen, a community insurance advocate; and Jason Hall of (Ri)Detroit all joined us in studio and played a game with Live in the D. The game: "Say something or leave it alone?"

The first question: "Who eats first at the barbecue?" Fowler chose to leave it alone, and said: "The cook should eat first." Cohen and Live in the D host Jason Carr chimed in and said the cook needs to sample the food. Hall agreed and chose leave it alone, saying: "Someone needs to eat first." 

Next, someone is double dipping sauces. Do you say something or leave it alone? Cohen's take: "That is nasty," and she chose say say something. Hall agreed, and also chose say something. Fowler said, "I don't care, I'm still going to eat it." He chose to leave it alone. 

What do you think about double-dippers at the BBQ?


Finally, if you are at a barbecue and there are children unattended, do you say something or leave it alone. All agreed to say something and said all parents should attend to their children.