Family road trips... are you doing them right?

Live in the D's What's the Buzz panel discusses family road trips

Live in the D's What's the Buzz panel came together this week to discuss family road trips.

Our first question: Are electronics a welcome distraction for kids, or would you rather them stay unplugged?

Blaine Fowler, of the "Blaine Fowler Morning" on 96.3 WDVD, said it depends on the length of the road trip. Mimi Brown, a local author and motivational speaker, said it depends on the age of the kids, while Marlin Williams, a technology strategist and founder of Sister's Code, said you have to unplug so you can soak up all the precious moments with your kids.  

Next question: What about eating in the car? Do you allow it? Should it be healthy?

Live in the D host Tati Amare started the panel off by quoting a post she did on Instagram, saying, "It doesn't matter how old you get, buying snacks for a road trip should always look like an unsupervised 9 year-old was given $100." Blaine said that while many may buy a car thinking "we'll never eat in it," by day four they are heading to Wendy's because their hungry. Marlin mentioned that eating in the car on a road trip to Disney World when she was a young girl was a great experience and a source of many happy memories. 

So, when you go on a road trip, do you schedule stops along the way or just keep driving?

Mimi said she was all about a few planned stops, but anything outside of that is not allowed. Blaine agreed, but said unexpected bathroom breaks tend to happen for his family. Tati shared a fond memory of taking a road trip with her uncle where they would stop to play video games along the route. Marlin chimed in saying that you should stop along the way because that is where the memories are made. 

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