The right way to groom your pets at home

Premier Pet Supply gave tips on how to keep your pets clean this summer


During this hot weather, it helps to keep your pet groomed properly.  Not only do they look better, but they will feel a lot better too and best of all you can do it yourself.

Our friend Mike Palmer, from Premier Pet Supply, and Brandon Thorne, from the store in Novi stopped by the show to give some tips on how to clean and care your pet over the summer.

They brought different soaps and cleansers to use on pets to help keep them clean and protect them from fleas, ticks and other issues that may affect their fur and skin especially in the summer months.

Palmer also talked about the new trend in bar shampoos as an alternative to liquid shampoos. He said they can be longer lasting and most cost effective.

There are four Premier Pet Supply locations in Beverly Hills, Rochester Hills, Novi, and Livonia. To find the location nearest you, learn more about what they offer, and see the monthly specials, visit their website premierpetsupply.com.