This is the perfect place to pick up sandwiches for your picnic this weekend!

This deli has been around since the '70s

When you walk into Bread Basket, you'll find it is a classic deli with corned beef, pastrami, and a case full of scrumptious sides. It got its start in 1977 thanks to Alex Winkler.

"I've been actually working in a deli since I came to this country. I came here from Isreal when I was 10 years old and got a job working in a deli and when I graduated high school, shortly after, I opened up my first place on 7 Mile in Detroit," said Winkler. 

Over the years the business expanded, allowing new owners like Brandon Nofar and Eizen Shina to open up their own Bread Basket.

"I had been there a few times, I really enjoyed it, I know a lot of people enjoyed it, and Eizen and I were trying to figure out what to do with this location. We had met Alex, he was actually looking for a downtown spot and so it kind of merged together perfectly," said Nofar.

Every place has the same main menu items, from traditional deli sandwiches like Rubens, to new deli favorites like corned beef egg rolls. They make many of their items from scratch and buy local products as much as possible, putting a lot of thought and time into each ingredient. What made this place famous, though, is their corned beef. 

"When they think of corned beef, they think of cold cuts that come from a super market," explained Winkler. "This is a product that we cook so the flavors are all there. It's cooking in its own natural juices, and that is why the flavor."

If you would like to try out Bread Basket, they have multiple locations throughout metro Detroit. Michelle Oliver visited the 3242 E Jefferson Ave location.


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