April 'AP' Lockett shares her Detroit


We love to showcase great places and great people in the D. April Lockett, also known as "AP" for ''Absolute Princess", took us through Detroit to show us some of her Detroit favorites. AP has been in the radio industry for nine years and is a radio personality on 105.1 The Bounce. 

AP says her love for music began in Detroit because she loves Motown music and the sounds of old-school music, like from Diana Ross and the Supremes, Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 and more.

She took us through her neighborhood and showed us the many reasons Detroit is home. First stop, what AP calls "the neighborhood Coney Island"; Legends Coney Island. AP has been going to Legends for 18 years. We also stopped by AP's home, the house where she grew up as a child.

AP said, "I pull up here a lot during the week, and just kind of sit out here, and remember all the love and all the fun. It has a place in my heart, and no matter where I go in the world, no matter where life takes me, this will always be home."

You can hear AP's voice on 105.1 The Bounce every Saturday evening.