Detroit poet Jessica Care Moore shares words about the D


Imagine attending a concert facing the Detroit River and the skyline of another country, while you and 5,000 other people are enjoying great music, people, food and drinks! What you've imagined is exactly the atmosphere you will experience attending a concert at Chene Park. 

Jessica Care Moore, executive producer of Black Women Rock and a Detroit poet joined us on the show to talk to us about the uniqueness that Chene Park offerers. 

Tati Amare asked Moore what she loved most about Chene Park, and she said, "I don't know of another venue in the country where you can roll up on the boats, and watch the shows for free. I love the openness, that you can either get on the lawn or be in the audience, I love that it is a family-run organization, it is the place to be all summer." 

Black Women Rock is a 14 year-old organization that celebrates black women who grew up loving rock 'n' roll, just as Moore grew up loving rock 'n' roll in Detroit.