Meet up and eat up in Michigan

The United Dairy Industry of Michigan is holding clinics to feed kids in need

A lot of kids look forward to summer, because that means no more school for several weeks, but it can also mean the end to vital school breakfast and lunch programs for kids in need. Luckily, there is something happening around the D to help out. Our friends at the United Dairy Industry of Michigan sent two-time Olympic gold medalist Lindsay Tarpley to tell us about their summer program. 

Tarpley is involved with Milk Means More, which has launched four clinics called "Meet Up and Eat Up"  to offer kids a healthy meal during the summer while also teaching them about soccer and life. Milk Means More goes off of a "smoothie" model to teach kids these skills. Its philosophy is that there are four ingredients in a smoothie - strawberries, bananas, milk and yogurt- and there are four skills for life and for soccer. It encourages kids to stay active and eat healthy. 

"I  think it is important to, number one, provide them with a meal, and number two, also teach them a couple new things so hopefully they leave those clinics and meet up and eat ups with more information and education than when they came," says Tarpley.

These clinics are open to anyone.  You do not need to register. To find out when and where they are text "FOOD" to 877-877 or Dial 211. You can also visit their website at www.milkmeansmore.org.