Celebrating all kinds of music in Midtown

There is a concert unlike another happening in Midtown right now. This year marks the 26th annual year of Concert of Color, which brings performers of all types of music into Detroit for a one-of-a-kind event. Ismael Ahmed, a founder of the festival, joined us to talk to us about the event. 

People from countries all over the world come to the event and showcase different types of music. There will be many different types of music at the event. Guest can expect to hear Haitian voodoo music with electric guitars, Transglobal Underground from England, flamenco guitarists and more.

Musician Sean Black also joined us in studio. Black said " A big part of my life is putting different cultures together in one ensemble. So, Ismael's festival is so perfect for everything thing that I do. It really paves the way for the groups that I put together."

Sean Black and one of the groups he put together performed live for us in studio, check it out!

The concert is free and open to anyone and it all happens right now through Saturday, July 14th in Midtown.