Get that sun-kissed glow with bronzers

Looking for that healthy sun-kissed glow, but don't want to expose your skin to damaging rays? You might want to consider a bronzer instead. Finding the right bronzer can be difficult. Local 4's style editor, Jon Jordan, joined us in studio to help and show us how to choose the right bronzer for you. 

Bronzers give you a healthy glow to your skin without the semi-permanent suntan. Using a bronzer is a great and healthy alternative to sitting out in the sun, which can have serious health effects. Bronzers come in many different formats.

The first one Jordan brought with him has a foam consistency and can be rubbed all over exposed skin like shoulders and arms. There are also lotions that do the same thing as the foam options. Palettes come with multiple options because getting the tone right is so important. Mixing a few of these to get your right color is also a great way to achieve the perfect glow. Lastly, another option is to make your own bronzer by choosing a foundation that isn't darker than your skin color and adding luminizing drops to it to give it some shimmer. 

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