On the red carpet in Paris for Mission Impossible: Fallout premiere

We welcomed back Greg Russell all the way from Paris!

Greg recently jumped the pond to the premiere of Mission Impossible: Fallout! He says the movie is something never seen before and worth the watch. 

Greg had a chance to talk with Tom Cruise about the movie. Cruise said, "How do we push it to a place where people just aren't going to believe what happen, but we really did it." Greg also spoke with Simon Pegg. Pegg said, "It's a testament to this film series, we are six films in and people still seem to be interested in and trilled by it. I think that is a testament to the film markers who've upped their game every single time without fail."

Greg also checked out some movies that are in theaters here is what he thought of them. 

"Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" starring Meryl Streep is a movie to see if you want to laugh. The movie is about a group on young adults who graduate college and take several adventures throughout Europe. The main character in the film meets a man and falls in love with him, but he also breaks her heart. To see how things turn out you have to see it for yourself. 

Denzel Washington has his own sequel out this weekend as well. "The Equalizer 2" is in theaters. Washington plays a retired CIA agent who is now a Lyft driver. Washington is now getting revenge for the death of his former partner. Greg gave this sequel three reals saying it is a fun, action thriller. 

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