Would you let your significant other do this...?


Monday on What's the Buzz we talked about situations with your significant other. We were joined by Jason Hall, with Ride Detroit,  AJ Williams, the blogger in chief of SingleBlackChick.com and Mark Sobolewski, a teacher, actor and comedian. 

We started the discussion off with a question that every couple goes through at some point if you are in a serious relationship or married. Should you have the password to your significant other's phone? "I think that one of the key things to relationships is transparency. If ask if I can use your phone, and I say, what's your password? And you're like 'No', that's a red flag", said Williams. 

Sobolewski said, "If i am going to trust you with my heart, then I should be able to trust you with a phone."

Next question we asked was, would you ever have a friend who you wouldn't let your significant other know about because you think your significant other wouldn't like that person or they would be jealous?  AJ Williams said, "A friend of my mate, is a friend of mine. Why would you have all these friends that I do not know about?"

"It would be hard to have a relationship and not talk about your friends", Said Sobolewski. 

Our last question was, do you need to know where your significant other is at all times? "No, I don't want to. I just need to know that you are where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there. If we are building on trust we cannot begin with a shaky foundation," said Jason Hall.

They all agreed that you need to have trust in a relationship. Live in The D's Jason Carr said, "If you don't have trust, than what do you have?"