How do you make changes for the environment?

You've heard about the big push right now to ban plastic straws, but there are other things that also can be done to help the environment. 

Monday on "What's The Buzz," Lauren Crocker, from the "Blaine Fowler Morning Show," MiMi Brown, a local author and motivational speaker, and Tony Frost, a local singer and musician, all joined us in studio to talk about ways they make changes for the environment. 

Although many recycle in their everyday lives there are other ways to help the environment along with decreasing waste.

The constant washing of sheets and towels in hotels uses a lot of energy and water and can create a big carbon footprint. Some have opted to not have their towels and sheets washed during their stay. "I have to have my sheets and stuff clean, if I'm going to a hotel and I am paying for that service. I'm sorry, I have to have it cleaned," said Frost. Most agreed to have them come in and clean the room and replace used sheets and towels with fresh ones. However, they suggested it might not have to be each day of your stay. 

There are several communities that require that home owners only water on certain days at certain times to manage consumption. Crocker says it is important to have certain days specified as watering days. She said, "I think there are some people who would totally take advantage of the water if it could just be any time at all times. So it's important, I generally follow the rules." 

There is a new trend to do paperless gifts at parties or weddings. The debate is, are paperless weddings the best idea? 

"I think is a good idea, it saves paper, saves work, it saves time." said Crocker. And Frost agreed. Brown however, likes the paper wedding invitations and RSVP.

Plastic water bottles are a big waste product and people are encouraged to use refillable instead. Most agreed that refillable water bottles are so easy to access that it is the best option and is cost effective.