You should check out this record store in Eastern Market

People's Records has everything from Motown to Techno

Detroit is famous for it's music roots from Motown, R&B, pop, techno, to rock. Huge stars hail from the D and there is a really cool store in the Eastern Market District that celebrates all that music and more - People's Records.

The store is located at 1464 Gratiot Avenue in Detroit and is home to hundreds upon hundreds of records as well as a museum of artifacts from Motown and R&B artists. They have things like the original sheet music from "Where Did Our Love Go" as well as gold records and more. The goal is to educate people about Detroit's rich musical heritage. 

Of course they also have lots of records with most costing between $1 and $5, but some go as high as $100. If you are just getting started in your vinyl collection, store owner Brad Hales recommends Eddie Kendricks' first solo album, as well as the first MC5 album for rock lovers, and Funkadelic for local artists. 

Most of their store stocks previously owned records, and they are always buying more so feel free to bring in your own collection if you are interested in selling.  They also have a couple of new releases from local independent artists. 

In terms of the gear you need to play these albums, Hales recommends the Techniques 1200. While they don't sell them at the store, they do have one there to test out the records. 

For more information on People's Records visit their website here, and for more information on Eastern Market visit their website here

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