Get ready for the Detroit Highland Games

There is an event where you can indulge in Scottish games, food, and more this weekend.

Members of the St. Andrew's Society of Detroit Annual Highland Games joined us on the show Wednesday to tell us all about the event. 

Kurt Pauli, who is head of the athletics part of the games explained how some of the games work. He brought a 60-pound weight with him, which is how much weight athletes throw over their head and over a crossbar. Some of the athletes can throw the weight 18 feet in the air one handed. Pauli also brought a smaller, 28-pound weight. that is thrown like a disk up to 85-feet, and an 18-pound stone that is thrown like a shot put. The team of athletes are made up of men from all over the United States and Canada. Five out of the top 10 athletes will participate in the event. 

David Martin is a bagpiper who has been playing for 63 years and will be at the Detroit Highland Games. He said the interesting thing about playing a bagpipe is that the instrument provides a constant flow of sound even between breaths. 

Randall Cain, who is an event coordinator for the games also joined us to talk to us about some of the activities at the event other than the games. There will be pipping competitions, food vendors, live music and fun for the kids. "You don't have to be Scottish to attend. Everybody can be Scottish for a day," said Cain.

The event is expected to have 10,000 attendees. The annual Detroit Highland Games will be held Friday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 4th at Greenmead Historical Village on 8 Mile and Newburgh roads in Livonia. 

Tickets are $20 at the door and children under 12 get in free.