Sneaky ways to get fit with Jody's Fitlife

Think you don't have time to squeeze in some exercise during the day? Fitness expert Jody Trierweiler joined us to talk about some ways we can drop the excuses and fit fitness into out busy days. 

These sneaky ways to get fit won't take anytime! Jody suggests while you are brushing your teeth in the morning try wall sits. Simply lean your back against the wall and bend your legs at a 90 degree angle. After two minutes you are sure to feel the burn. 

Another tip is while sitting at a red light try squeezing your glute muscles for the length of the light. 

Lastly while standing in line at the grocery store,  try raising your leg slightly and balancing on one foot. '

These are all simple ways that you can incorporate fitness into your busy day. A little each day is a move in the right direction to healthy living. 

Jody is having a fundraiser at the Catfe in Ferndale to benefit homeless cats and kittens! The event will consist of different workout classes for adults and during the classes there will be cats and kittens in the workout room. It will be a lot of fun and is all about the cats and health. Classes are $25 dollars and all proceeds go to the Ferndale Cat Shelter. The fundraiser is August 26th. 

For more information about the event or health tips from Jody check out her Facebook page here.