Buy Michigan Now Festival in Northville

We are big on showcasing local business in and around Detroit for their products and services and today on the show we had some of the local businesses that will be at the Buy Michigan Now Festival.

We were joined by spokesperson Jeanne Micallef, Joe Pusta, with Lavender Lane, Daphne Mackenzie, with Hunter's Healthy Treats, and Lauri Gravelyn with Hoola Jewelry, to talk to us about their products. 

The Buy Michigan Now Festival is in its 10th season. There will be more than 180 Michigan vendors. It is a time for Michiganders to shop local and bring communities together. Micallef said, "it's something for the whole family and something to celebrate Michigan."

Pusta, has a specialty lavender farm and produces multiple products from his Lavender plants with multiple uses. His lavender bundles last up to 3 years and have multiple ways they can be used. Some of the ways the lavender bundles can be used is in the closet and drawers of your home, cook with the stems in a marinade, and you can also crumble the dried stems on the floor and then vacuum them up. He also brought lavender oils that you can place on your temples for better sleep, soaps, lotions and body sprays.

Looking for all natural healthy treats for your furry friends? Mackenzie from Hunter's Healthy Treats has Pumpkin and Peanut butter treats that have no artificial ingredients in them even meaning you can eat them yourself. The peanut butter is free or oil, salt and sugar. The treats are soft baked so if there is a smaller dog or puppy they will enjoy the treats. 

Imagine having one pair or earrings that can be worn and countless different ways! That's exactly what Gravelyn offers with her Hoola Jewelry. She also offers jewelry making classes for party groups for birthdays, ladies night out, Mother's day and more. 

Don't miss out of Michigan goods, food, music, and more. The Buy Michigan Now Festival kicks off on Friday, August 3rd 4pm to 8pm and Saturday, August 4th all takes place 10am to 8pm. The event takes place in downtown Northville