Paul Reiser is ready to make you laugh at the Royal Oak Music Theater

We had a special guest on the show Friday.  He is known for the hit TV show "Mad About You". You can see him in the second season of "Stranger Things", on Amazon Prime Video in "Red Oaks" and Friday night you can see him at the Royal Oak Music Theater. Paul Reiser joined us live in studio to talk to us about the great things he has been up to. 

"Mad About You" was his hit show. We asked Reiser what it was like to be on the show with Helen Hunt. He said the minute they met they just had great chemistry. "I was lucky because you don't always have that. We really never had a separate set of opinions about the show," said Reiser. 

Reiser said he just got back into doing stand up comedy a few years ago but he appreciates stand up because you don't have to wait 8 months to find out if it is funny. "It changes every night and the audience is different, so I am having a ball. I'm having a great time." 

The interactive comedy show will also have time at the end of the show to ask Reiser questions. He says you can ask him anything you want! The show is tonight at the Royal Oak Music Theater at 8:30pm.