Do you have a hard time saying no? Here's how...

Tired of not having time for yourself? Do you feel you have too many obligations with family, friends, the neighbors? Maybe it's time to start saying no. Today's "What's the Buzz" segment is all about saying no and the situations where you just want to say no, but have a hard time doing it. Joining us to talk about it are Blaine Fowler, the host of the Blaine Fowler Morning show on 96.3 WDVD, Tasha Lord, a singer and musician, and Jason Hall with RiDetroit. 

The first topic we tackled was saying no to a family, whether it be vacations, dinners, or visits. Family can put a lot of pressure on you and make you feel guilty, so how do you say no to them?

"I think it is important to be realistic and to be truthful with your family,"said Tasha Lord. She also talked about the importance of not overextending yourself and setting realistic goals for how much you can see people.

Blaine Fowler chimed in, saying he is known as "Dr. No" in his family. "If I want to have time alone or have somebody kind of come in and shoehorn them into the schedule, I'm just like, 'Sorry I can't do it,' even though there are 3 hours open that day," Fowler said.  While he doesn't have a hard time saying no, he said he still deals with guilt over it.

Jason Hall, on the other hand, feels no guilt in saying no -- in fact, he sometimes says "absolutely not."

The next topic was saying no to cute kids who are fundraising. Jason Hall immediately responded  by saying he always says yes to kids who are fundraising because he often wants what they are selling. Jason Carr agreed, joking that he had to take out loans to pay for what he bought through fundraisers. Everyone else agreed as well.

What about friends? Fowler said he will lie and say he has something else going on to get out of going to events with friends. Hall said he will ask, "Are you buying?" and if they say yes, he might change his mind and go afterall. Lord said it is a lot tougher for her; she negotiates her feelings, discussing the pros and cons, and tries to be open about how she feels. Tati said she will thank the people for inviting her but ultimately says no. 

We asked our viewers to chime in as well. Here are some of their responses to the question: Do you have a hard time saying "no"?






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